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not_ur_flower in lol_apocalypse

II: Surprises after surprises

Oh my.. that was quite awkward Situation, wasn't it Hokuto-chan? I would have never quessed that Sorata-kun and Kamui-chan would have that kind of relationship *shakes head* Um.. What shall we do now? I guess we can't go to kitchen just yet.. We should let the guys finnish first?


You're right Karen-san, that was an awkward situation. I thought there was something going on with Kamui-kun and Fuuma-kun. *blinks* Also Sorata-kun seemed to be straight to me. I don't know. Maybe we can watch some television or start making some outfits? I know! We can make some outfits for the baby and for the mother after her pregnancy. We'll just come back to the kitchen later when it's not occupied.
I thought so too! And Sorata-kun used to be drooling over Arashi-san.. I wonder if something happned

Oh~? There is TV here too, how luxury! *Giggle* Yes let us do that! I haven't sew for so long time, I hope I still remember how to do it.. Yes- let's hope that boys don't plan to use it all day *wink*
I wonder what Fuuma-kun's going to do? We made cupcakes for him... (or was in the middle of making them)Is Arashi-san pretty? I want to meet her!

Yeah, Sei-chan was watching TV earlier. I'm not sure if we get any good channels, but there's a whole collection of DVDs. I'm sure you'll do fine Karen-san! Clothes aren't that hard to make. I managed to make something after 9 years...
Ohohoh *giggle* It would be romantic if Fuuma-kun and Sorata-kun would start fighting over Kamui-kun? And yes~ Arashi-san is very gorgeous young lady indeed, but she isn't come here yet.

Well- I haven't ever sew real clothes before. When I was younger we sew a blankets together with my mother.