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kansaimonk in lol_apocalypse

In the Kitchen - With Kamui

I did not grope you Kamui, you have no proof. And what was that Kamui? Was that Karen-san and Sumeragi-san's sister? *notices that he's still hugging Kamui but doesn't care*


*Is all red now- since noticed Karen and Hokuto*.. Y- you did! I wouldn't make something like that up! Now let me go before others comes!
I did not Kamui. You would make something up like that. *laughs* I'm still holding onto you? *acts like it was nothing and lets go* My bad
Why would I do something like that, idiot! *Backs away looking at the door* Don't ever do that again.
Because you are Kamui and craving for attention. But Kamui, where are you going? I'm not going to do anymore funny business.
*eye twitch* I am not! *looking at you bit suspicious glare* Whatever, I'm not going to watch when you're ea-- Wait.. You just admited it.
You are Kamui. You just love the attention. What me? *innocently* I didn't say anything.
Wrong again. It'd be nice if people would leave me alone, sometimes. *grumblegrumble*
Fine, if you're going to be like that- go ahead.
But Kamui, don't you like this attention everyone gives you? You're special! Be like what? I'm not doing anything.
I'm tired of it. *Glare*
Yeah- not anymore.
I'm sure you're not tired of this attention. *comes out from behind and hugs Kamui again* You mean something like this?


*talks to herself* Now where did Hokuto-chan put the cake for the party?

Re: 2/3

*notices Kamui and Sorata*


Re: 3/3

S-sorata-san...I-I didn't know you where there. And Kamui-kun too...ummm...maybe I should come back later? I w-won't tell...*stares stupidly*
K-Kotori?!.. This, umm..*triest to push Sorata away* Is not what it seems to be! This damn idiot is just playing around!
*Kamui escapes his grasp* Darn, Kamui got away Oh! Monou-san, it's been a while. You've gotten prettier too. *smiles*
...T-thank you, Sorata-san. I'm glad to see you too, hee. But I-I'm sorry I interrupted...I guess it has been a long time since you haven't seen Kamui-kun, with him...being on this island and all...I understand you missed him?
*facepalm* For him it's been just few hours without me, Kotori.

What did you come to look for?
Oh you weren't interrupting much Monou-san. But they were long hours Kamui! Very long hours! I've missed him lots and lots! *pouts*
As if..
He is just bored without having his girlfriend around *shrugs*