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idressmytwin in lol_apocalypse

Living Room - Baby Shower for Satsuki-chan

Alright, so the girls have decided to throw a baby shower for Satsuki-chan. Satsuki-chan you'll be there right? You have to be there! You're the mother and the star of the show! So this baby shower if for Satsuki-chan and her unborn daughter. NO BOYS ALLOWED. Although boys, do come to me if you want in. [[ooc: Strikes hackable to the boys]] I've made food and we have presents for the mother AND daughter. This will be in the living room, so boys will have to leave! Just contact me boys! 

Also, the theme of this baby shower is cables! *whispers to herself* Why is the theme cables? *blinks*

[[ooc: *edit* Alright, so any comments Hokuto makes to boys in strikes are hackable to them. =3 I don't feel like typing hackable to who over and over?... *sighs*]]


Oh... Thank you I think?

I never expected this.
No problem! What are friends for? *smiles*
*nods* Ahh...*sniffs* Do I smell food?
CONGRATULATIONS Satsuki-san! Hee. I was so excited about this. I hope you like it! You do, right?
A baby shower? Oh my, am I invited?
Now that you mention that I'm not allowed, I wonder what you're all scheming... Perhaps I could just take a peek? *steps over towards the door* [[ooc: strikes hackable to Hokuto]]
Sei-chan! We're planning a baby shower! Would you like to come in? Although for you to come in, you need to be a girl...
*looks puzzled* I'd have to be...a girl? That seems a bit ridiculous.
Why we're not allowed in?
That's because you're a guy.
Why it matters?
Oh~! This is so wonderfull! I need to find Satsuki-chan, so that I can give my best regards to her and her baby!
Karen-san! There you are, come, come! *pulls her to where everyone else is*
Oh, Hokuto-chan! &hearts *Follows the leader Hokuto-chan* Did I miss something! ^^

Oh, Kotori-chan *smiles* Good to see you, dear.
Why, Hokuto-chan, to throw a party and not invite me? I thought you had better manners than that! *laughs*
Ah! *jumps* Who are you? *looks closely* You look like the time-dimension witch... Nahhh, you can't be. But hello and welcome to the party!


How many years ago was that? *whispers* I'd like to know what's going to happen before hand so I can at least prepare.

Re: Continued~

Um... probably 15 years ago? It's been a while... we were very young. *whispers* Alright, I'll tell you Satsuki-chan. *hands Satsuki a book about baby showers and a bookmark is placed on the entry about "Catch the Baby Bouquet" I'm sure we'll have 7 people, including the boys.
Um... What's a baby shower?
There you are Kazuki-chan! A baby shower? It's a party for the mother-to-be and the baby. Come Kazuki-chan! *pulls Nataku into the party*
Oh... *follows, slightly confused* All right Auntie Hokuto.
Party? Am I invited?
Sorata-san! What a surprise! I'm sorry, this party's only for females! Unless you want to dress up as a girl.