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sakura_dess in lol_apocalypse

the hallway- stealthy activities [[filtered to Hokuto and any male characters]]

*steps out of the living room, closing the door behind him then breaking his illusion*
It's rather boring in there for a guy. The food's good though, I must say...

*to himself* Perhaps we could make things a bit more interesting.

Hokuto-chan, what was that you were saying about letting the other guys in? And where did Subaru-kun go? Didn't Kamui find him yet? Or do I have to step in...


Sei-chan! I can get the other guys in if they're wearing dresses or something very girly. But don't tell the other guys! Subaru... I don't know where my brother is either... he's disappeared Sei-chan! What have you done with him? *lowers eyes at him* Kamui-kun didn't find him yet... if you didn't do anything to him, GO FIND HIM! If you did do something to him... bring him back safely please! Or I will hurt you Sei-chan...

[[ooc: *blinks* That sounds very demanding... *sweat drops* No comment.]]
...Well, I suppose I should go and look for him then... but if he doesn't want to be found things could be a bit more difficult. *shakes his head and walks off down the hallway*

[[ooc: Sei-sei's just a little unnerved because he can't find his Subaru-kun... xD Maybe he's losing faith in his stalking abilities! lol]]
But Sei-chan, it's your job to be looking after my brother! How could you have lost him!

[[ooc: Ums... I'm starting to lose my Hokuto touch~ >.< I'm going to pick up Tokyo Babylon before summer starts! *determined* And Aw... poor Sei-chan... Maybe he is. xP]]
*calls back* I'll find him, Hokuto-chan, don't worry.

[[ooc: You can do it! xD I just picked up a volume the other day and reminded myself why I love it so much. <3 Yes, poor Sei-chan. xD]]
Now you're becoming a good brother-in-law. Go find your wife husband.

[[ooc: I really need to go pick it up... *sighs* Want to apply as TB!Sei-chan at Kiseki? =3 My friend is in a dire need of a Seishirou. ^^;;; I promised her I'd be her Hokuto if there's a Seishirou. =P]]
It seems like he doesn't want to be found.
Hrm. You may be right about that. He must be hiding from us.
..Maybe it would be better to leave him alone, then?
*wanders by innocently*
*is chatting with Hokuto when he notices Subaru's presence*


*turns around suddenly and walks/runs over to grab Subaru's arm*

So here's where you've been hiding! Hokuto-chan has something to ask of you. Come on now! *pulls at his arm*

Hokuto-chan, now what was it you had to ask of Subaru-kun?
Subaru~ I know you won't refuse your dear sister. Would you put on this dress and come to the baby shower? *pulls out a dress out of no where again* Kamui-kun said he'd do it if you're there too! *already pulling Subaru to a room to put on the dress*