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itisallhitsuzen in lol_apocalypse


*appears seemingly out of no where into the kitchen of the mansion where everyone is gathered*
It seems as if all you people seem to do these days is sit around watching television and drinking. You really should make better use of your time. Especially you kids! Shouldn't you be in school?
Now there's an idea. You five! *points at Satsuki, Sorata, Fuuma, Kotori, and Kamui* You're going to school! *points to a door leading off from the kitchen that didn't seem to be there five minutes prior*
Now for a teacher... *looks around the room* You! *points at Seishirou* You went to veterinary school right? You teach them! *gestures him towards the door*

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Whaaaat?.. Do I have to?
Of course you have to! Boys your age should be in school, not off drinking and impregnating young women! *tsktsk* Now, greet your sensei properly. *gestures to Seishirou*
....Normal boys of my age doesn't go around saving the world either. *ignores Sei-sei*
That's beside the point. Moreover, did you ever think of what would become of you if the world didn't end and you survived? If you don't educate yourself, the savior of the world is going to end up working at McDonalds!
Oh- I thought my destiny was to die?

[ooc: seriously I lol'd to that]
Wait, why do I have to go too?
No.. I don't think we need to go. Especially when he's teaching us.
Now then, Kamui, you wouldn't happen to be doubting my teaching ability, now would you?
What could you possibly teach us? Sorry, but I'm not interested in gardening
*is unabashed by the gardening comment* Well, I was best in my class at math... I know a lot about science as well. Don't distrust me when I say that there's a lot I could teach you.

[[ooc: I loled. A lot. xD]]
Are you sure? She sounded very demanding...
Pretty sure. I'm not going.
Well, I don't see any reason why I have to go either.
What about me? What can I do?
Ah, Hokuto-chan! You can be my lovely assistant teaching aide! Or perhaps you'd like to attend yourself? *wink*
Sei-chan... you can't expect me to go back to school! Hohoho, I'll be your lovely teaching assistant.
I suppose you're right! *chuckles* Now, about the lesson plan... Was there anything specific that you'd like to add?

*shows her a hastily drawn schedule with typical high school subjects in addition to sex ed, gardening, and etiquette*
*looks at the list* What about Home Economics?
You'd be perfect for teaching that, Hokuto-chan! *grabs a pen and adds it to the list* I wonder if Subaru-kun will be attending...


What are you talking about Kamui?
Nothing. I said it doesn't matter anymore, right?
But Kamui if you don't tell me, that's not good. You can tell Sora-chan anything!
*facepalm* Just shut up.
Why? I didn't do anything wrong. Come on Kamui, tell me what's wrong.
*decides that you're too annoying to handle now soo moves away from you D:*