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sakura_dess in lol_apocalypse

the classroom [[part 1 of unknown length]]

*opens the door in the kitchen to reveal a modest sized classroom stocked with all sorts of books and teaching materials*
Well, this is even a bit too convenient.
*walks up to the larger, mahogany teacher's desk at the front of the room and opens a drawer, which is filled with chalk; takes a piece, and begins writing on the board*
Today's topic will be... *finishes writing and steps aside to reveal the board*
*looks out on the class* Today we'll be talking about multiplication. That should be about where you were when you dropped out of school, right, Kamui? *smirks*


*sigh* Why am I even here?

Oh, sensei's memory isn't working again. I did never drop out from the school.
*snaps ruler on Kamui's desk* Now what was that you were saying? Do you know this, or not, so we can move on?
Yeah, yeah. Subaru taught me stuffs after school.
*lets his hands off the desk* Subaru-kun did? *steps back and thinks for a moment* Okay, then how about geometry? Do you know geometry?
*yawns* Yeah.
How about algebra? Or algebra II? Those are junior classes, right? *looks a bit indifferent as he lights up a cigarette*
Yeah- he mentioned about those too
...Calculus? *takes another drag from his cigarette, still looking indifferent, albeit a bit annoyed, as any level of math much higher than this would be testing his own skills*
*yawns* Is there anyhting else, sensei? If not then excuse me.
Well, I suppose that we'll just have to go a different route then. *walks over to the board and crosses out mathematics and writes science in its place*

So, I'm fairly certain that I can teach you about science. I was a vet, so naturally I'm well versed in biology and chemistry.

[[ooc: Would it be so terribly out of character to call him a smart-ass? xDDDDDDD]]
*sigh* There's nothing you can teach me, sensei. So I'll guess I go now. *stands up and walks to the door*
Oh, I wouldn't leave yet if I were you... *smirk*
Oh~ And why is that, sensei?


Because there happens to be a subject that I know you'd be interested in knowing more about. And I do know quite a bit about him. *smirk*
Though, if you're not interested...
*Glare* Oh really now, sensei? You even have planned a own class for him? Geez- you truly are pervert.




You mean that you don't want to learn about theology, Kamui? You do know that the Book of Revelation predicted the end of the world, right?
Freak. *sigh*
Look let get this straight- I don't want to learn anything from you.
Suit yourself then. I'm sure the island goddess will have something to say about that.
I'll deal with her myself, then.