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aoki_seiichiro in lol_apocalypse

confused [[aka, someone has a fetish]]

*looks around*
Hey, where did everybody go?
...and why are there all of these dresses and wigs just laying around?
Well... I suppose if they are just laying around....I could...
*looks around quickly*
*pulls on this dress and this wig*

[[ooc: Oh god... If there's any way to revive this RP it's with a crossdressing Aoki. Don't fail me guys, I need some lulz! xDDDDDD]]


Ara~? Do we have a new girl in the hous now?

[ooc: She totally regnosizes him, but she plays bit dump nao~]
*is talking to himself when he hears Karen and suddenly turns around*
*tries to make his voice unnaturally high*
Oh, why yes! *furious blush* My name is...er... Ari.
Nice to meet you Ari-chan~ I'm Karen Katsumi.
Oh my aren't you just beautiful &hearts
*blush* I...ah... Thank you, Karen-san. *blushing furiously*
Ahaha. I'm just being honest, Ari-chan.
Ne, where are you from, sweetie?
I...*raises voice* I'm from Tokyo. I'm really wondering where we are now though...
Like you can see we are in tropical Island! Oh I hope you remembered to bring your swimsuit, Ari-chan. Since we are soooo totally going to swim some day soon!
That sounds lovely! But *looks to Kamui* If you'll excuse me, I must be going! *runs off*
Haha *laughs bit* See you soon, Aoki-san!
....A- Aoki-san? What are you wearing?!
I...er *raises his voice* I'm Ari... Nice to meet you! Ahh...who is this, "Aoki" you speak of, I'm afraid we haven't met.
...Yeah sure. *Not believing you*

Why you're wearing that Aoki-san? I would look better in it.
*raises voice* Yet again, Kamui-kun, I know not this Aoki of who you speak... My name is Ari, tell him, Karen-san.
Then, if you are not Aoki-san, how did you know my name?
I ah...*looking a bit flustered* *raises voice* Karen-san told me all about you!
Seriously now. You can't fool anyone, Aoki-san. So please stop with that act. It's rather disturbing.
*raises voice* I...*rushes off*
*walks by thinking about something and doesn't notices Aoki* I wonder... would that be better? *still thinking*