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Jul. 17th, 2008

Smile (w/heart)



Well, even though this community is pretty much dead... I have for you, which we finally made, AIDS GUY'S THEME SONG VIDEO!!! LOL. I thought that people here might be able to appreciate it.

x-posted to my journal, at least, it will be!


[[ps, if anyone wants to help me revive this comm, I totally would, for serious. Just comment back here and I'll be ON IT. I miss you guys~~]]

Jun. 16th, 2008


confused [[aka, someone has a fetish]]

*looks around*
Hey, where did everybody go?
...and why are there all of these dresses and wigs just laying around?
Well... I suppose if they are just laying around....I could...
*looks around quickly*
*pulls on this dress and this wig*

[[ooc: Oh god... If there's any way to revive this RP it's with a crossdressing Aoki. Don't fail me guys, I need some lulz! xDDDDDD]]

May. 28th, 2008

smirk with sunglasses


the classroom [[part 1 of unknown length]]

*opens the door in the kitchen to reveal a modest sized classroom stocked with all sorts of books and teaching materials*
Well, this is even a bit too convenient.
*walks up to the larger, mahogany teacher's desk at the front of the room and opens a drawer, which is filled with chalk; takes a piece, and begins writing on the board*
Today's topic will be... *finishes writing and steps aside to reveal the board*
*looks out on the class* Today we'll be talking about multiplication. That should be about where you were when you dropped out of school, right, Kamui? *smirks*

May. 27th, 2008



*appears seemingly out of no where into the kitchen of the mansion where everyone is gathered*
It seems as if all you people seem to do these days is sit around watching television and drinking. You really should make better use of your time. Especially you kids! Shouldn't you be in school?
Now there's an idea. You five! *points at Satsuki, Sorata, Fuuma, Kotori, and Kamui* You're going to school! *points to a door leading off from the kitchen that didn't seem to be there five minutes prior*
Now for a teacher... *looks around the room* You! *points at Seishirou* You went to veterinary school right? You teach them! *gestures him towards the door*

[[ooc: let's just put initial comments in this thread, and we can move the actual class to another thread. xD I'm excited, this should be filled with lulz]]

May. 18th, 2008



the hallway- stealthy activities [[filtered to Hokuto and any male characters]]

*steps out of the living room, closing the door behind him then breaking his illusion*
It's rather boring in there for a guy. The food's good though, I must say...

*to himself* Perhaps we could make things a bit more interesting.

Hokuto-chan, what was that you were saying about letting the other guys in? And where did Subaru-kun go? Didn't Kamui find him yet? Or do I have to step in...

May. 16th, 2008



Living Room - Baby Shower for Satsuki-chan

Alright, so the girls have decided to throw a baby shower for Satsuki-chan. Satsuki-chan you'll be there right? You have to be there! You're the mother and the star of the show! So this baby shower if for Satsuki-chan and her unborn daughter. NO BOYS ALLOWED. Although boys, do come to me if you want in. [[ooc: Strikes hackable to the boys]] I've made food and we have presents for the mother AND daughter. This will be in the living room, so boys will have to leave! Just contact me boys! 

Also, the theme of this baby shower is cables! *whispers to herself* Why is the theme cables? *blinks*

[[ooc: *edit* Alright, so any comments Hokuto makes to boys in strikes are hackable to them. =3 I don't feel like typing hackable to who over and over?... *sighs*]]


In the Kitchen - With Kamui

I did not grope you Kamui, you have no proof. And what was that Kamui? Was that Karen-san and Sumeragi-san's sister? *notices that he's still hugging Kamui but doesn't care*


II: Surprises after surprises

Oh my.. that was quite awkward Situation, wasn't it Hokuto-chan? I would have never quessed that Sorata-kun and Kamui-chan would have that kind of relationship *shakes head* Um.. What shall we do now? I guess we can't go to kitchen just yet.. We should let the guys finnish first?

May. 13th, 2008



 *wanders into nightclub bar with Yuuto in tow*
Come on. This situation is terrible...
My Kamui and your Satsuki. Having a child together...

May. 11th, 2008


Beach~ Landed.

*wakes up* Where am I? Where's Nee-san? What is this? An island? I wonder why I'm here... Is there anyone else here? *looks around* I guess I'll just sit here until someone spots me. *sits down on the sand*

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